Automated Services

Online Banking

Experience the convenience of West Financial’s online banking. Accessing your account has never been so easy. Transfer funds, check balances, review your account history, and much more. AND it’s free! All you need is a personal computer and the Internet–your account information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To take advantage of this service, simply click on “Online Banking” (top-right) to begin. Next, click on the “Enroll Online” button on the left side, complete the enrollment process, and click finish. After enrollment; click on Logon and enter your Logon ID, then enter your security code on the next page and you are able to view your account and make transfers.

West Financial’s Online Banking is also completely safe. We use special security features to safeguard your information.

Mobile App with Mobile Deposit

A lot of the same conveniences as online banking but on your phone and with the option to deposit a check thru mobile deposit. The mobile app and mobile deposit are free. The deposits go into your checking account within 1 business day. Be sure to put Mobile Deposit on the back of your check underneath your endorsement.

Mobile banking is fast and secure! Take the mobile banking Tutorial, read our Start-Up Guide and go mobile today!

For tips on using Mobile Check Deposit thru the Mobile Banking App click here.


West Financial offers you the ease of receiving your account statement electronically with e-statements. Want to receive your statements faster?

Sign up today and enjoy the benefits:

  • Convenience -- 24/7 access to your statement
  • Archives -- access to your statements for 6 months
  • Security -- safer than your mailbox
  • Printable

Online Bill Pay

Save time and money when you pay your bills online. If you have a West Financial checking account, you’ll enjoy online bill pay FREE!

Once you have signed up for West Financials Online Banking, you also become eligible to us our Online Bill Pay Service. Pay all your bills online with West Financial Bill Pay! You control which bills get paid and when.

You can schedule bill payments directly from your checking account to your payees. From your utility company to your dentist to your day care provider; you can pay everyone you pay now—all with the click of a mouse. Schedule payments up to a year in advance, or schedule variable and recurring payments.

Our Online Bill Pay also offers the ease of giving gifts with GiftPay-e. Birthdays, graduations, out of town weddings, and everyday errands can be taken care of with a couple of clicks!

ATM and Debit (Check) Cards

West Financial offers a free ATM or Cash and Check card to each member for access to their account(s) at over 2 million CU24 Network automated teller machines or retail locations in the U.S.

There is no credit union charge for your first six ATM withdrawals per monthly statement period. (Individual ATM owners may apply their own surcharge.) Each additional ATM transaction is $1.

PLUS, now you can pay for purchases AND request cash back! Just swipe your card, enter your PIN, and you’re done. You don’t even need to sign a receipt. Avoid an extra trip to the ATM or the branch by using your secret four-digit PIN—its convenient, fast and secure!