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Foundation Scholarship Application Open Through Feb. 1 Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Foundation Scholarship Council (FSC) scholarship program. This year, the council will be awarding $20,000 in the form of two $3,000, two $2,000, and 10 $1,000 scholarships. Any member of a Minnesota Credit Union Network affiliated credit ... Read More
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On Saturdays beginning October 8th, 2016, the WFCU Medina location lobby will be closed (on Saturdays) and drive up hours will be 9am - Noon. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!
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Just because you can buy it doesn't mean you should. That basic financial rule of thumb is especially true when you're shopping for a home or car. Most people take years to pay off those big-ticket items, so they deserve serious scrutiny. Here are a few suggestions to consider before ... Read More


When it comes to car shopping, timing is everything. But the formula for figuring out the perfect time to make the purchase can be complicated. If you’re shopping for your next new car, keep the following tips and statistics in mind. Shop Early in the Week Most consumers shop on weekends when ... Read More
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From: Renee Schuyler, President/CEO Subject: Credit Union members are paying for merchant data breaches   Dear Member: At West Financial Credit Union, we believe protecting the privacy and security of our members' accounts is our most important responsibility. When we discover a data breach at retailers like Target or Home Depot, we take action immediately ... Read More
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FICO score, VantageScore, BlahBlahBlah score. You may already know that credit scores come in many many different forms and flavors. And you’ve probably heard that having a good score is important. But did you know there are some surefire moves to getting a good score or improving one regardless of the ... Read More
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Here are two credit union resources to learn and take action about this serious problem.  Data breach call to action from CUNA Mutual Send a message to Congress. We need to seize lawmakers' attention so they turn to holding merchants accountable for their data breaches. StopTheDataBreaches is where everyone – ... Read More



Life Change To-Do Lists

Life Change To-Do Lists Life changes--such as getting married, divorced, having a child, or facing widowhood--require more than the subsequent emotional adjustment. These milestones also signal the need to take stock financially and make any necessary adjustments. Marriage * Have the money talk. Sit down and set financial goals--do you want to save ... Read More


Help Your Teen Driver Choose the Right Car Parents can help teens get a good buy on their first vehicle by focusing on safety, affordability, and reliability. Start early  Start by helping teens understand the responsibilities tied to owning and operating a vehicle. Roughly six months to a year before ... Read More


West Financial Credit Union wants to hear from you!! Tell us why you love your credit union. Scroll down under Leave A Reply, enter your response in the Comment section and hit Post Comment. We will be posting responses in the Why I Love My Credit Union section on ... Read More